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Feel like your visitors are lurking around in your store and just don’t make it to the THANK YOU page?

Well, you are probably like 95 % of the stores out there who do not struggle with getting traffic – but with getting CUSTOMERS.

What I’ve learned after more than 3 years in E-Commerce, well over $250,000 in sales and millions of dollars in combined clients’ sales: pre-qualifying your traffic and looking for ACTIVE buying-intent is one of the best ways to get quick sales to your website. You shouldn’t really care about where your traffic comes from – but if it is converting and buying.

This is exactly what this training is about: leveraging the power of Google AdWords, a widely underused traffic source in Dropshipping and E-Commerce, to almost predictably drive hungry customers to your store. Whether as a single traffic source or a powerful extension to your Facebook campaigns, AdWords can help to bring your E-Commerce business to new heights, giving you the sales you craved for that allow you to take the next big step of SCALING!

Your Redefined Customer Acquisition Journey Begins Here – All The Best!

– Marco

What you will learn in this in-depth training program:

  • How to research profitable keywords that help you sell any product
  • How to identify the most promising products in your store to advertise on AdWords
  • How to craft compelling ads that make people click and visit your website, looking for products like yours
  • How to strategically adjust bids for your most important traffic
  • How to sell your first products as quickly as possible, sometimes within a day, following a low-volume-high-ROI framework that allows you to focus on initial sales and scaling later
  • much, much more…

Some Student Results & Notes

  Steal more sales from your competitors!


Let me show you what this program is about and how it can help YOUR E-Commerce business..

Video Thumbnail

  Steal more sales from your competitors!

Below you can find some of the results my clients and me are getting with AdWords in various industries like fashion, beauty, gadgets, electronics, toys and decoration:

1. Beating Big Competition in Search Impression Share

2. Achieving < $2 CPA And Over 8,000 Conversions In October – November

3. Spending a total of $400,000 in a single account

These are just a few examples of how you can use AdWords to your advantage.

Class Curriculum

1. AdWords Introduction

  • Why You Should Use Google AdWords (5:02)
  • Join our Google AdWords Mastermind Group!

2. AdWords Essentials – Getting Started

  • Easy Account Structure (6:57)
  • Setup Conversion Tracking Correctly (5:35)
  • Conversion Tracking Codes
  • Linking Analytics and AdWords (1:59)
  • AdWords Structure And Landing Pages (8:01)
  • Understand Powerful Data to Boost Your Performance (11:42)

3. Search Campaigns – Give People What They Are Looking For

  • The Profitable Keyword Research (19:14)
  • Using Keyword Planner Perfectly (13:13)
  • Find Out What to Bid Upfront (8:58)
  • Increase CTR and Relevance with Extensions (9:51)
  • Optimize Your Ads with Best Practises (14:10)
  • Dynamic Search Ads – High Results, Low Work (5:26)
  • Experiment With Your Campaigns (7:54)

4. Display Campaigns – Unlimited Reach

  • What Is The Display Network (4:18)
  • Creating DIsplay Campaigns Successfully (19:02)
  • Optimizing Display Campaigns for Performance (11:10)
  • Choosing Profitable Display Placements (16:00)

5. Shopping Campaigns – Sell Your Stuff

  • What Are Shopping Ads (3:17)
  • Product Testing With Shopping Ads (7:24)
  • Getting Merchant Center (4:56)
  • How To Link Shopify and MC (7:49)
  • Creating a Shopping Feed That Drives Sales (21:55)
  • Google Shopping Troubleshooting (13:02)

6. Remarketing – Bring Them Back

  • How Does AdWords Remarketing Work Differences To Facebook (3:18)
  • Structure Promising Audiences (17:12)
  • AdWords Funnel Segmentation (9:04)
  • Remarketing Lists For Search Ads – Make People BUY (8:01)

7. Scaling – Go The Extra Mile

  • Scaling Search Campaigns Framework (15:54)
  • Scaling Display Campaigns Framework (18:15)

Bonus – Case Studies & Tools

  • (Hidden / Being Uploaded)
  • KILLER Shopify Apps for AdWords


  • 4th December | New Extension, Gmail Remarketing, Ad Variations, Custom-Intent Audiences (14:26)
  • 5th February | AdWords Scripts – Boosting Account Performance (6:30)

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